About Gangster Block

Start you underworld empire from the palm of your hands! Gangster Block RPG is a Massively Multiplayer Mafia / Gangster game. Battle with other players for your quest of ruling the block.

Gangster Block is a Massive Multiplayer online Mafia Game.

Travel from the beach front of Miami to the ghetto streets of Moscow in this fun packed RPG.

★ Gangster Block is Built to fit your mobile phone, tablet or PC screen perfectly.

*Free to play forever!
*No Boosters, Every player has a chance!
*Active management of game
*Active online players
*Player to Player Interactions
*Build your character
*Easy gym system
*Advanced level up system
*Crimes and Missions
*PVP Combat
*Real Estate
*Gang Wars
*Tons of Weapons & Items

Mafia games are highly addictive, pass time and interact with people from around the world. This game will fail to disappoint. Find the best gaming experience here.

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